10 Facts About Teeth Whitening Everyone Should Know

Teeth whitening in Henderson NV

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that produces a whiter and brighter smile by removing stains and natural discoloration. Even though it is one of the most popular procedures in dentistry, there are often misconceptions about how it works. Some myths include rubbing fruit on your teeth or even using baking soda for a whiter smile. These are not true, rubbing fruit on your teeth (strawberries, banana peels, and lemons) may damage your teeth. Doing this will stain your teeth and remove enamel due to the acids found in the fruits.  Another myth is that when teeth are whitened, they stay whitened forever. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and red whine can stain your teeth even after post whitening treatments. Although these can cause stains on your teeth, you don’t have to completely refrain from drinking these drinks. Drinking from a straw will reduce the chance of teeth stains. Keeping up with your teeth whitening procedures every few months will ensure you keep your white smile.

In order to fully understand a teeth whitening procedure, a list of ten facts can be found below. Here we discuss the different misconceptions for teeth whitening procedures and make it easier for you to choose which process works better for you.

1. Teeth Absorb Food

It is a less-known fact that our teeth have pores just like our skin and they absorb the elements we expose them to, such as food and beverages. All food items that have a strong color or active staining ingredients react with the teeth and can therefore darken or discolor them. These foods include dark foods and beverages such as coffee, wine, dark berries, etc.

2. Teeth Whitening Is Completely Safe

A teeth whitening procedure is safe as long as you don’t overdo it. Whether you get the procedure done professionally or use an at home kit, the process opens pores and clears the stains. But just remember that opting for this procedure again and again will not benefit you.

3. Teeth Whitening Results Depend on the Delivery Device

If you want your teeth whitening procedure to be successful, you need to pick the right delivery device. While most whitening products use the same active ingredients, the device used plays a greater role. Professionally, a custom-fitted whitening tray will be used, which is the most effective and consistent method. Other devices, such as UV lights and whitening strips, can be inconsistent and unreliable.

4. Custom-fitted Whitening Trays Cost up to $500

Teeth whitening in Henderson, NV, costs a hefty amount of money, around $500 or more. So if you are planning to get whitening trays, save up and plan ahead of time.

5. Teeth Whitening Causes Sensitivity

It is normal to have sensitive teeth after a professional or at home kit teeth whitening procedure. The procedure dehydrates the teeth and reduces their ability to insulate the nerve that reacts to temperature. The sensitive feeling can last up to 36 hours after the procedure.

6. UV Light or Laser Whitening is Temporary

UV light and laser are both commonly used for teeth whitening; however, these procedures are temporary yet quick. They are not good for people who have sensitive teeth. If you want quick teeth whitening, consult your dentist.

7. Teeth Whitening is Not an Overnight Process

Whichever procedure or technique you use, you need to remember that the teeth whitening process takes time. The procedures or products that give fast results are mostly unreliable and full of chemicals that are ultimately bad for your teeth.

8. Veneers Cannot be Whitened

One thing everyone must know before going for teeth whitening is that your artificial teeth caps or veneers cannot be whitened. They can get stains on them, but their synthetic color cannot be changed.

9. Teeth Whitening Should Be Done Before Bed

If you are opting for at-home teeth whitening kits, the best time to use them is right before you go to bed. The night is the best time for your teeth to start rehydrating and remineralizing, so you get the best results.

10. Yellow Teeth Are Perfectly Normal

It is essential to know and understand that teeth are naturally yellow-ish. You cannot expect perfectly white teeth throughout your life. Teeth whitening procedure is only suitable when you want to remove stains and discoloration that has occurred unnaturally.

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